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Can’t use cavity wall solutions because your property has solid walls? External wall insulation (EWI) is the best way to make solid-wall buildings more thermally efficient and environmentally friendly.
External wall insulation

Exterior Wall Insulation for Domestic & Commercial Properties

PD Rendering offers professionally installed, effective solutions best suited to your property, needs and budget. The correct choice of the optimal EWI material depends on what the original wall was built from: “breathing walls”, such as stone constructions, require a different approach than brick walls, for example.

Insulation materials include foamed polystyrene, polyurethane foam, mineral wool, as well as insulation boards. PD Rendering will suggest the best solution for your property and then fit it to a high standard. The fitted insulation is then secured with appropriate finishing layers, including high-performance render.

Professionally installed house insulation will prevent the multiplication of bacteria and fungi in the excessive moisture and ensure sufficient air circulation.

Thanks to the use of appropriate materials, correctly insulated walls can breathe, which prevents condensation.

Correct choice of materials and installation matter a great deal as one of the goals important in the fitting of external solid wall insulation is to avoid issues caused by damp and condensation.
Wall facade rendering example
Wall facade rendering example

Why choose PD Rendering as your external wall insulation installers?

When you choose PD Rendering as your exterior wall insulation installers, you choose:
  • Excellent workmanship. PD Rendering takes genuine pride in our work and pays attention to specific details instead of using a one-fits-all approach - this way we are able to achieve optimal results.
  • Top quality materials. We not only choose the best solution for your walls, but select the best supplies available on the market to achieve large gains in thermal efficiency.
  • Professional attitude, starting with surveys and quotes and ending with carefully applied finishing touches.

Is my property suitable for EWI?

Homes constructed prior to the year 1920 typically feature solid external walls devoid of a cavity, a characteristic that permits a substantial amount of heat to dissipate from the interior of your dwelling through the walls.

The implementation of External Wall Insulation (EWI) signifies a paramount improvement measure to your residence that significantly curtails heat loss. This insulation is strategically applied to the external face of the wall, serving as an effective barrier against heat transfer and thereby retaining a larger proportion of heat within your dwelling for extended durations.Ascertaining the type of wall your home possesses can generally be achieved through an examination of the brickwork on your home's exterior.

Solid wall construction is identifiable through the visible pattern displaying the long and short sides of bricks, akin to the illustration represented in Figure A.Conversely, homes featuring cavity walls exhibit brickwork where only the lengthier side of bricks is visible, as depicted in Figure B.

EWI is largely compatible with a wide array of property types, including those of non-traditional construction, with notable exceptions for listed buildings or properties situated within a conservation area. If these conditions pertain to your residence, it might be advisable to explore Internal Wall Insulation as a potential alternative.

Generally, the necessity for planning permission may be circumvented if the resultant aesthetic of the EWI closely matches that of the existing property exterior. However, definitive confirmation regarding this matter can be obtained from your local planning department.

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