Insulated Render Systems Installation

Complement your external wall insulation with a high-performance render system. EWI render, or a silicone render system on its own, will add extra protection and improve the visual appeal of the building.
External wall insulation

High Performance Silicone Render Systems

High-performance renders, also known as thin coat, polymer modified renders, are flexible and resistant to cracking. This means significantly less maintenance is needed than the traditional sand and cement render. Silicone thin-coat renders and primers are particularly suitable for use with EWI solutions, but are also suitable for non-insulated walls.

PD Rendering has installed high-performance thermal render on countless properties. Expert members of our team can advise on everything from colours and finishes to render types, ensuring that you get the best solution for your needs, and that the process is seamless, and the job is done quickly and to the highest standard.

Insulated render system will dramatically enhance and refresh the appearance of the building, ensuring that it is completely weatherproof and protected against water ingress.

Breathable renders help to prevent damp, working in tandem with correctly fitted insulation to keep you warm and dry inside.

Silicone polymer, despite being lightweight and thin, is strong, flexible and unlikely to crack for low maintenance. Choice of colours and textures allows for individual choice of looks.
Wall facade rendering example
Wall facade rendering example

Why choose PD Rendering as your external wall insulation installers?

When you choose PD Rendering as your exterior wall insulation installers, you choose:
  • Excellent workmanship. PD Rendering takes genuine pride in our work and pays attention to specific details instead of using a one-fits-all approach - this way we are able to achieve optimal results.
  • Top quality materials. We not only choose the best solution for your walls, but select the best supplies available on the market to achieve large gains in thermal efficiency.
  • Professional attitude, starting with surveys and quotes and ending with carefully applied finishing touches.
Latest EWI render systems installed by PD Rendering
Private property Coventry
January 2022
Private property Coventry
Successful installation of external wall insulation and a coloured render finish to this home.
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Private property Birmingham
November 2021
Private property Birmingham
Successful installation of external wall insulation and a coloured render finish to this home.
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The insulation of my house went very smoothly. I'm satisfied with the effect
Daniel / Nuneaton
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