External wall insulation in Greatstone-on-sea

Our EWI and EPS Boards system reduces the U-value of your home to 0.3 W/m2k with only 100mm of insulation, equivalent to a new home built to current building regulations.

Greatstone-on-Sea Solid wall job

Solid wall insulation in Greatstone-on-sea

Our insulation system meets all building regulation specifications, ensuring that your home is energy-efficient and comfortable.

How much does solid wall insulation in Greatstone-on-sea cost?

At PD Rendering, we offer external wall insulation and rendering services that start at £90 for solid wall insulation. The final price depends on the size of the property, the type of finish you prefer, and whether or not the roof needs to be extended.

We use high-quality products such as EPS Boards, EVI render, and Silicon silicate, and offer a full palette of render colours to choose from. To request a quote for external wall insulation, simply fill out the form below or give us a call at 024 7531 4286

Check out our website gallery to see some of the properties we have insulated over the last years and the different types of finishes we can achieve.

Is my Greatstone-on-sea home suitable for EWI instalation?

Homes constructed prior to the year 1920 typically feature solid external walls devoid of a cavity, a characteristic that permits a substantial amount of heat to dissipate from the interior of your dwelling through the walls.

The implementation of External Wall Insulation (EWI) signifies a paramount improvement measure to your residence that significantly curtails heat loss. This insulation is strategically applied to the external face of the wall, serving as an effective barrier against heat transfer and thereby retaining a larger proportion of heat within your dwelling for extended durations.Ascertaining the type of wall your home possesses can generally be achieved through an examination of the brickwork on your home's exterior.

Solid wall construction is identifiable through the visible pattern displaying the long and short sides of bricks, akin to the illustration represented in Figure A.Conversely, homes featuring cavity walls exhibit brickwork where only the lengthier side of bricks is visible, as depicted in Figure B.

EWI is largely compatible with a wide array of property types, including those of non-traditional construction, with notable exceptions for listed buildings or properties situated within a conservation area. If these conditions pertain to your residence, it might be advisable to explore Internal Wall Insulation as a potential alternative.

Generally, the necessity for planning permission may be circumvented if the resultant aesthetic of the EWI closely matches that of the existing property exterior. However, definitive confirmation regarding this matter can be obtained from your local planning department.

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Some of our Greatstone-on-sea-based solid wall insulation projects done to date:

Private property in Greatstone-on-Sea
January 2023

Private property in Greatstone-on-Sea

External wall insulation Eps boards 100mm System kabe
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EWI and Render Systems We Use:

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